Bluejay Industries Ltd. is a privately owned company with it's own manufacturing plant based in Lacombe, Alberta.  We can supply a variety of mats to provide access on impassable roads and leases or to prevent damage to roads or leases from machinery while work is being completed. With more than 45 years of oilfield experience, you won't find another team that is better prepared to meet your matting needs.

 We work directly with five other manufacturing plants in British Columbia and are capable of providing in excess of 10,000 swamp mats along with 1000 crane mats per month. Bluejay Industries Ltd. has been in business since 2013 and are very proud of the quality of the mats we produce.  It is important to the company to not compromise the quality of our mats for quantity or profit.   Bluejay Industries Ltd. has the ability to transport, distribute and manage all mats with our experienced team and equipment designed for any quantity and terrain.    It is our mission to provide complete matting services to the construction industry.  Contact our team for more information about our construction equipment. 

Proudly serving Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia

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